Tips for Tatra Christmas Gifts for Everyone


Although we are in favour of the true value of Christmas, when the main priority is to spend time with family and friends, four-legged or less-legged animal friends, in nature and with peace of mind, we like to gift our loved ones. At least for Christmas. We will share with you some tips for beautiful Christmas gifts with a Tatra theme that will delight and leave an impression.

Tatra gift for a mom or a wife

Cosmetics and beauty care as a gift is a must for some, a cliché for others, but what is the real truth? Every woman will appreciate quality cosmetics. And a lover of our high Tatras mountains will appreciate our cosmetic range Tatry Wellness Elixir even more. Individual products are mixed from local raw materials, herbs or berries, for example from the Breckland thyme, lemon balm, nettle or raspberries. They are available in the spa shops of the famous Tatra hotels, such as the Grandhotels Praha and Stary Smokovec or the sports hotel FIS. For those who prefer the Low Tatras, they can visit and get the products at the hotels Tri Studnicky, Posta or Grand Jasna.

kozmetika tatry wellness elixír

Original skin peelings from Tatry Wellness Elixir range

Tatra gift for a father or a husband

If you want to give a person, who loves the High Tatras, a truly original gift, which is unprecedented in Slovakia, give them a book called „Moje tatranské plesá“ (My Tatra tarns). They will find amazing photos mapping the tarns not only on the surface but also below their surface, with lots of interesting information. The author of the book is a diver with special permission to map our tarns, Miroslav Pomajdík, about whom you have already had a chance to read in an interview in our magazine and look into the secrets of the depths of the Tatras. “Do you feel that you know the Tatras well? This book will most likely surprise you and show you their new dimension, ”says the author. It was published recently and it was introduced by the Tatra lover and journalist Jožo Kubáni in Poprad.

kniha tatranské plesá ukážka

kniha tatranské plesá ukážka

Illustrations from the book Moje tatranské plesá

Tatra gift for a sister

Not many women will refuse beautiful jewellery. Natural jewellery with a Tatra motif will not be refused by any mountain lover. Skilled hands of handmade artists can work wonders. The evidence is also a collection of this Tatra jewellery, while just looking at them makes you happy.

Wooden jewellery with resin with Tatra motif. Photo: TomKinArt / Sashe

Tatra gift for a brother

Socks may be another Christmas cliché, but these will not disappoint. Their original design is dedicated to the Tatras. If such a gift would not be the most suitable for the gifted, any tourist with a sense of humour will probably be pleased by the practical enamel mug with the reference “To the mountains. Leave me be. ” 🙂

smaltovany hrncek a ponozky s tatranskou tematikou

Enamel mug To the mountains and socks with High Tatras theme Lomnicak, Strbske Pleso and Tatras. Photo: praveslovenske,

Tatra gift for a real tourist

Scratch-off maps have been very popular lately. You can find different themes – a film, book or travel. On the Slovak market, the choice is wider, individual designs vary. However, any Tatra tourist will surely be pleased. The scratched-off map will remind them of adventures, sports performances and pleasant moments in nature.

tatransky darcek stieracia mapa

One last tip

If you haven’t chosen from our tips, we have the last one that can mean much more than material things to many people. Give your loved ones experience in the form of a stay in the Tatras or a trip to our big small mountains. We will gladly advise you. We recommend that you check out the offer of the best hotel accommodation using the hotel Gopass loyalty program, which will give you not only the best hotel prices but also various other benefits (ski passes included in the price of accommodation, entry to aquaparks and other benefits). You can use gift vouchers for your stays. Don’t miss out on current offers.