Looking for privacy in the mountains? Try chalets


If you are looking for privacy, try staying in a chalet. The increasingly mentioned word chalet is still a relatively young type of accommodation. They have found their use in mountain hiking areas and modern ski resorts, which want to offer the highest comfort and temporary escape from the outside world to their guests. If you found yourself in the lines above, please read on to see all the benefits of this accommodation.

What is this chalet exactly?

If the name sounds French to you, you are right. The name comes from the French-speaking region of Switzerland and refers to a cottage, shed or shepherd’s hut. In ski resorts, however, chalet doesn’t mean a shed. Instead, it means an Alpine-style holiday cottage in a mountain setting where privacy and comfort of guests come first. This means that even if you go to the mountains for adventure and stay in a chalet, you will enjoy the privacy you are used to at home, but service may be better than a luxury hotel. This means that the hotel service can serve food directly in your chalet or provide other services as if you were in a hotel.

Tip: A huge plus of chalets is their good location. In winter you will appreciate the proximity to the ski slopes and in summer countless opportunities for hiking in the countryside.

Spaciousness is a synonym of a chalet

Chalet usually consists of at least one and often up to six apartments. The apartments are equipped with a separate living room, bedroom, toilet and kitchen. The experience of accommodation is enhanced by large windows, from which you can enjoy the snowy fairy-tale surroundings especially in winter and the terrace or balcony with a view.

The basic elements of the interior are mostly wood and stone, which make the whole space cozier and underline the typical mountain atmosphere. Inventive solutions in the form of design lights, furniture or other accessories (pillows, paintings or fur on the floor) give the chalet a touch of elegance and distinctive charm. A nice bonus is just looking at the crackling wood in the fireplace, which materializes all the guests’ dreams of an idyllic holiday.

Interior of the chalet in Jasná

There is no need for them in Slovakia either

Accommodation in chalets is not only a privilege of foreign ski resorts. After France, Switzerland or Austria, chalet complexes are also growing like a weed in Slovakia. The essence remains – to give comfort to those who stay in them. Chalets in the Jasna resort are great competition to the well-known foreign chalets. The tranquil environment of the Low Tatra nature combined with a varied year-round program make the site an attractive place to meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

First-class services are a must

If the concept of chalet accommodation appeals to you and you belong to the group of people who prefer a holiday where you do not have to worry about anything, because the hotel staff will take care of it, do not miss the current offers in Chalets Jasna Collection. You can pamper yourself from the morning with a tasty breakfast in bed, as well as with refreshments brought to your chalet which will fit you well after exhausting skiing or hiking. After tiring sports activities, you can even relax right behind the door of your apartment with massage and relaxation treatments. You can indulge in a private spa in the hot tub or complete the day with a Finnish sauna. If you are travelling with children, you can use the services of a professional babysitter or enroll your children in a ski kindergarten under the supervision of experienced instructors. You can enjoy carefree moments for yourself without worrying about your children. The chalets are pet-friendly.

Tip: One of the attractive services of Chalet Jasna is a ski rental, where they will be happy to rent you ski equipment and tailor it for you.

Close the door and rest

Literally. Anyone who craves a break and an escape from everyday duties can enjoy a stay in the chalets. The idea of ​​accommodation in private chalets is designed for families with children, as well as for a group of friends who want to spend pleasant moments together. Peace combined with impressive nature is what convinces many that the first visit to this place will certainly not be the last.