Hotels with no children – have you heard of the Adult Friendly concept?

No matter how little, sweet and adorable they areyou have to admit that sometimes they can be really noisy and annoying – and during these moments you just don’t feel like it (whether or not you have children). Especially when you head for a place where you expect silence, peace and where you simply want to relax from your duties – for example, a pleasant spa stay in a cosy Tatra hotel. No problem just book a hotel labelled Adult Friendly. 


What is the essence of the Adult Friendly concept? 

As the name itself suggests, hotels set up in the spirit of this concept think especially of adult guests. It is a more subtle (and less discriminatory) modification of the “Adults Only” or “No Kids Hotel” concepts, which began in the early 2000s in the Caribbean, in Europe, particularly in Austria, Germany and Poland and its main idea was that no children guests were allowed. „Adult Friendly“ (unlike them) doesn’t prohibit entry for children, but at the same time it does not adapt the price, menu, equipment, program, etc. to children. Simply put – children have no discounts, there is no baby chair or children’s menu in the restaurant and there is no children’s playroom in the hotel. Thus, the adult guest is guaranteed a quieter environment both in the interiors and exteriors of the hotel. 

TIP: Although in Slovakia, due to our anti-discrimination agenda, we cannot absolutely prohibit the entry of a certain age group of guests, elsewhere in the world they do not care for it and take it only as a trend, as a specific business intention. According to the portal, there are currently 1,385 such oriented hotels around the world – compared to the beginning of 2018 there is an increase of 585 hotels, i.e. 73%, which clearly reflects the intensity of demand for this type of concept.

There is an Adult Friendly Hotel in Slovakia – in our beautiful Tatra mountains

You don’t have to travel abroad to test the Adult Friendly experience. At Tri Studnicky Hotel in Jasna they decided to maximize their attention to an adult client – although a child guest does not buy anything, does not want anything, but paradoxically requires extra expenses for all the mini equipment and can also make a huge mess. Therefore, in this Tatra hotel (by the way, the first hotel in Slovakia certified to meet the principles of Feng Shui) they decided that the price of accommodation for children will be the same as for adults and everything will be “tailored” for an adult – beds, wellness, gastronomy and all specialties, wine tastings, undisturbed hanging out in a stylish lobby bar with a good book overlooking the Demänovská valley … Just everything. 

adult-friendly-hotel-tri-studnicky (2)

TIP: Abroad, in hotels in seaside destinations, the Adult Friendly concept also includes nudist terraces. 


Hotels with such a set of services and prices hope that families with children will give priority to hotels that are suited for the children guests, accommodate them at a discount or even completely free, and like that, oasis of peace will be created where the rattle of children will be replaced solely by the rattle of birds.