Get married in the Tatras: tips for unforgettable romantic places


You don’t have to be a native ‘Tatran’ to dream of a wedding surrounded by our beautiful mountains. A wedding in the mountains can also be a bonus trip for your family. Where can you find places that are perfect for a wedding in the Tatras?

Want an outdoor wedding? Have a backup plan

Fresh mountain air, a pleasant breeze, the birds’ chatter, a babbling brook. It sounds like a fairy-tale that many future brides long for. The whims of the weather, however, can turn your plans around, especially in mountainous surroundings. It is therefore good to have a backup plan on hand and move inside in case of bad weather. Hotel Tri Studnicky allows for a wedding outside under old majestic spruces, at the mountain stream Demanovka, in a village of the same name at the foot of the Low Tatras, as well as the interior prepared to host weddings.

Located in the tourist village of Demanovska Dolina, you will be in contact with nature both outdoors and indoors, thanks to natural materials, especially wood, copper and natural tones that decorate the wedding hall and the restaurant of this Low Tatra hotel. An idyllic wedding atmosphere will be enhanced by a terrace with a garden or a magical wooden footbridge crossing a babbling stream. Just imagine it..

Tip: Hotel Tri Studnicky is an excellent choice for both large and small weddings. The capacity of the hotel restaurant is up to 100 people. The wedding hall can comfortably accommodate 50 guests. And what’s more? In the wedding portfolio of the hotel you will find, in addition to space rental, also the provision of the entire decoration, wedding menu, DJ, and photographer. Simply first-class full service.

Are you planning a smaller or a large wedding?

This wedding tip will take us to the southern side of the Low Tatras, specifically Chopok, to a mountain hotel with well-known friendly staff. The Hotel Srdiecko has one great advantage – it already has “love” in its name, because the heart is the simplest and most lavish symbol of love. If you love the Low Tatras and want a smaller wedding with your closest people, you can seal your decision right here – each of your individual wishes will be heard. The premises are designed for 30 people, so you can spend your day “D” in an intimate and pleasant atmosphere.

On the contrary, if you come from a large family and don’t want to miss anyone sharing the most important day, choose our higher Tatras. Grand Hotel Praha in Tatranska Lomnica will welcome you all prepared – they can accommodate 160 guests. Wedding ceremony on the terrace, 4-course menu, a night in the wedding suite, music production and lighting, cameraman, photographer, make-up, a cake or even babysitting – and that’s just a beginning of what is waiting for you there on your big day.

A Frozen-like place to get married

Every year a majestic ice work grows on Hrebienok – Tatra Ice Dome, which attracts not only a lot of tourists but also engaged couples who want to seal their love in this precisely created interior under the breathtaking dome. It’s not news. Weddings happen here but of course for a charge. We are surprised that the dome hasn’t melted yet from so much love. The wedding reception will not take place here, but the experience of the ceremony will be truly unique.

(Photo: Marek Hajkovský)
Tip: If you are looking for an unusual place to get married in the Tatras, you can also look for places such as Sliezsky dom, Lomnicky Stit or Popradske Pleso. They all meet the conditions for marriage outside the registry office. But be prepared for more complex arranging than in places adapted for weddings.