Don’t go home without tasting these – which Tatra specialties are a must?


They will serve you halusky and strapacky (dumplings) everywhere. In the Tatras, too. In addition to traditional dishes, mountain hotels also offer specialties for their guests that must be tasted. Let yourself lure into these culinary specialties that you should definitely try. Please note, however, that after reading this you will get an irresistible desire for at least a little trip to your fridge. ? 

Get inspired by professionals 

Hotel Tri Studnicky in the Low Tatras offers more than just a gastronomic experience. Guests like to come here to enjoy the cooking skills of top culinary masters during Live Cooking Shows. The big-renowned names of the Slovak and Czech gastronomic scene show their art to the guests and their masterpieces on the plate are often a source of inspiration for the participants. The menu will make your mouth water as well. Experienced chefs will prepare delicacies from game, duck, fish, pasta and fresh vegetables. 





Tip: The hotel cares about the quality of the prepared dishes. Lamb, veal and cheese products come from an organic farm, fish are caught in local ponds, and herbs are picked right in the hotel’s garden. 



Combine skiing with delicious lunch 

Treat yourself to a hearty lunch after good skiing. You can be sure that the staff at Hotel Srdiecko will meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests. Enjoy the soups that warm you up in winter and spoil your taste buds with a delicious main course. A bonus in the menu are sommelier tips that you can hardly resist. 



Dine with view 

Not only food melting on your tongue will be what will captivate you in Rotunda on Chopok mountain. The style of the restaurant and the 360-degree panoramic view will make every visit a unique moment. The fabulous mountain atmosphere combined with the great food on your plate ensures that you will want to return to Rotunda as soon as possible. Who could resist such delicacies as creamy hokkaido soup with cinnamon croutons and almond mousse, grilled pork tenderloin with spinach gnocchi and garlic or a tasty chicken broth with root vegetables and semolina dumplings? 




Tip: Another great tip to experience a perfect culinary adventure with a touch of romantic candlelight is the Tatra Dinner Experience at the Von Roll Restaurant in JasnaA snowcat will comfortably take you up to 1,670 m a.s.l., while you can enjoy the view of the enchanting mountain scenery.


Slovak tastes in the legendary hotel

Getting to know the surroundings of Strbske pleso (tarn) brings many unforgettable experiences to visitors of the High Tatras, but at the same time it is very exhausting. After your wanderings, come to recharge and eat at the pleasant restaurant of the Hotel FIS. You can choose from a selection of home-made meals, light salads or enjoy one of the delicious desserts. The chef’s tip – the traditional Russian borscht – can make it easier for you to decide what to have. In the summer monthssitting on the terrace in the captivating Tatra environment will be a well-deserved reward. 





Dine as an emperor

A specialty which is a shame not to taste is Tafelspitz. The name suggests that it is a delicacy from the Austrian imperial court. Franz Joseph I. liked to enjoy it almost every day. You can enjoy it at the Grandhotel in Stary Smokovec, served directly at the table in a traditional way with fried potatoes, spinach, horseradish apple and bread mayonnaise. 


Did you know: Tafelspitz was named after one characteristic cut in the beef cutting process.