You can still make your spring skiing trip – where is it worth to go?

Let’s be honest … the influx of endorphins after conquering the slope, the warm sun rays on your face, the pure mountain air, the white panorama view like on the canvas – is there anything more relaxing? Do you miss this feeling? If so, pack up the gear (and possibly your family) and let’s go on the spring skiing trip. Do you prefer the Low or the High Tatras? The Slovak or foreign centers? Skiing or rather alternative activities such as sledding? Possibilities are endless.

So, which is it? High or Low?

The choice of many skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts in the Low Tatras is clear – Jasná, the largest ski resort in Slovakia, where you can go whether you are a complete beginner, experienced skier or loner, i.e. free rider who prefers to stay away from the crowd. Since the resort has all levels of ski slopes, from blue to black, you can choose your pace and your style.

(Photo: Marek Hajkovský)

The ski resorts in Tatranská Lomnica and Štrbské Pleso guarantee the quality in the High Tatras. If you are following the “best” and want to ski on the longest ski slope in Slovakia and the highest ski slope in Central Europe, tap the coordinates of Tatranská Lomnica into your GPS – there are 12 tracks and the choice is up to you, depending on what experienced skier you consider yourself to be. Beautiful views and wide red slopes can be found at Štrbské Pleso. But of course, not only that – cross country skiing fans will appreciate 18 km of cross-country tracks.

Tatranská Lomnica

If you enjoy alternative fun activities like snow tubing, ski fox, snow bike, snow scoot or good old sledding, go to Starý Smokovec.

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Non-Slovak ski resort for a change?

If you don’t want to travel far but would also like to try the conditions and standards of ski resorts outside Slovakia, plan a spring skiing trip for example to some of our neighboring countries. Poland and the Austrian Alps are becoming increasingly attractive skiers’ choices. And what about the alpine glacier center? Sounds adventurous enough?

The Austrian ski resort Mölltaler Gletscher in the only glacier region of Carinthia offers slopes of all difficulty. The most popular is almost 7 km downhill, which is popular for training of representation skiers. Skier or non-skier, beautiful scenery of 28 peaks from the panoramic restaurant at an altitude of 2 800 m.a.s.l captivates everyone.

Mölltaler Gletscher

Just 20 km further, there is the Ankogel Mallnitz ski resort with perfect terrain mostly above the tree line. Important information is that the resorts use a common ski pass, so it is an ideal opportunity to enjoy skiing there.

Ankogel Mallnitz

In the Polish Beskids, near the town of Szczyrk, which is only half an hour from the Slovak-Polish border, lies a resort that provides long enough ski slopes. The longest one is a 5.3 km long and there is also a multifunctional building offering full service. So, whether you are missing a helmet, skis or just something (liquids) to get warm, you can find it here.

Szczyrk (Foto: Jacek Żur)

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Snow conditions in all the mentioned resorts are very good now. Well, the spring is already knocking on the door, so let’s head to the mountains for your ideal spring skiing trip.