Tips on how to get the most out of skiing during high season

Ski season is in full swing, resorts all over Slovakia are packed. This is possible thanks to very good snow conditions in many places and at the same time easy accessibility. However, it can have a negative effect on the skiing experience. For many, overcrowded slopes are a problem. We have some tips for you from experienced skiers and staff from hotels and restaurants on the slopes. 

1. Stay close to the slope, ideally right on it 

Hotels and apartments directly on or near slopes naturally have higher prices. That is why, according to Klaudia (34), many people avoid them and try to stay a few kilometers away from the ski resort. However, they don’t realize that their accommodation may eventually become more expensiveThey have to commute every day and pay for parking. Not to mention how much time they lose by commuting.” Accommodation in close proximity offers a great advantage – being on the slope among the first. You will avoid congestion and also problems with parking in public car parks, which is one of the biggest problems during the main ski season. 


In the end, accommodation near a slope may not be as expensive as many people thinkYou just need to keep up with the current hotel deals, as there may be some nice discounts with various extra bonuses. Visitors can get free spa access or other benefits. It is also worth using hotel loyalty programs, which eventually produce discounts,” Klaudia explains. 

2. Get up early, postpone lunch until later 

The sooner you are on a slope, the more you will enjoy an empty slope, that’s obvious to everyone. But you will get even more slope for yourself if you do not go to lunch during the busiest hours, of course, around noon. Waiter Milan (29) recommends an early lunch (brunch) or a hearty meal after skiing: We usually are the busiest from 11:45 to 13:00. I recommend skiers to have a rich breakfast to last on the slope. Alternatively, you can buy only something small and go for lunch later. There are fewer people, so you are more likely to get food quicker and can immediately return to the slope.” During lunch, the slopes are emptier. While others take a break, you can enjoy more space on the slope. 


Anton (52) is a lifelong skier, preferring to visit the Chopok resort, Jasna: It is understandable that the number of skiers on the slopes is growing. I go skiing to Jasna all my life and it literally changes before my eyes, constantly expanding. For me, this is a positive change, because there are more possibilities. Sometimes a lot of people bother me, but it´s something I can cope with. I recommend skiers to choose side slopes and not the main ones. My favorite tip is to save the last ride “for myself”. Just before closing the cable cars, I will ride up to enjoy the sunset, wait until most people ski down, and enjoy the last ride, many times almost alone on the slope. But don’t wait too long as the snowcats will gradually start to groom the slopes, which can be dangerous and there is a risk of injury.” 


3. Visit large resorts with many slopes 

Even the largest number of skiers and snowboarders will get lost on numerous ski slopes. The choice of slopes according to their difficulty is also one of the advantagesNot many beginners will choose the hardest slopes, marked with black or red colorMany will ski on the easier, blue slopes. 


4. Use the benefits offered by the resorts – loyalty programs will pay off 

And finally, good advice. Do not miss the loyalty programs offered by many resorts. Recording your activities is worth it – earning points can give you significant discounts on ski passes or even hotel accommodation. For example, the GoPass program is valid in the largest ski resorts such as Jasna, Tatranska Lomnica and Strbske Pleso. You also earn points for buying refreshments in selected bars or restaurants, or for staying in popular Slovak hotels. 

TIP: With GoPass program, you get a summary of your ski mileage, climbs and other interesting statistics. You also benefit from the GoPass hotel club – direct hotel booking is always better and the prices for accommodation are lower.