Hiking to Kráľova Hoľa: searching for “the Green Tree”

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A very popular and patriotic Slovak folk song “Kráľova Hoľa” promises a lot in its lyrics, so we decided to go to the “Kráľovohorská” part of the Low Tatras and see for ourselves that there really is a green tree on top of it, even with a bent top. As we have of course prepared ourselves for the climb, we already know that the lyrics of the song represent a symbolic swan song of a soldier who misses his home.

Kráľova hoľa is peak in Low Tatras mountains. Slovak folk song with the same name sings about a green trea, which grows in the top of the mountain.

In fact, on the top of Kráľova Hoľa, we wouldn’t find any tree. Even if there were any trees, their tops would be bent, if not broken, because of a steady wind. Aside from the very misleading lyrics of the folk song and the constant wind, Kráľova Hoľa is, paradoxically, a very popular destination for a wide range of tourists, families with children and even mountain bikers. So let’s see why Kráľova Hoľa attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Interesting fact: In 2018, a couple of tourists planted a tree at the top of the hill, where they placed a wooden table with “The Green Tree” written on it.

Hiking to Kráľova Hoľa will reward you with beautiful views

The top of Kráľova Hoľa rises above the rest of the surrounding landscape to a height of 1946 m a.s.l. So-called “Kráľovka” geographically forms the eastern border of the Low Tatras and is an imaginary starting point of the ridge route through the Low Tatras and one of the many interesting points of “Cesta hrdinov SNP (hiking trail)” (depending on the weather).

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The peak itself and its wide surroundings are made of mountain hills and meadows, making Kráľovka one of the most beautiful circular views in Slovakia. Kráľovka does not show its best so easily as for most of the year there is windy and foggy weather. If you go early in the morning you will most likely avoid the foggy weather. The pattern is quite simple, the later you go, the foggier it gets.

How to get there

Distant villages such as Spišské Bystré, Liptovská Teplička or Vernár are the starting points of your hike to Kráľova hoľa. Simpler and especially shorter routes lead from Telgárt or Šumiac.

A hiking trail with a starting point in the village Šumiac is probably the easiest way. Šumiac even offers a bonus option to go on a bike or e-bike, which you can rent from the local bike rental. The cycle route leads along an old asphalt road and is approximately 12 kilometres long. A walking trail (marked with a blue sign) with a length of approximately 6 kilometres does not sound very difficult, but an elevation of 1045 meters still requires a certain amount of fitness. The advantage of the blue trail is the possibility of stopping in a recently opened mountain cottage which provides refreshments or accommodation. The cottage is located in “Predné sedlo” at an altitude of 1451 m a.s.l.

However, in addition to refreshments, the blue tourist trail offers several beautiful and very photogenic viewpoints, as well as the Greek Catholic Calvary and many rock formations.

With regard and respect

In conclusion, we consider it a duty to warn all mountain enthusiasts that, despite the easy orientation, this route should not be underestimated. In foggy or rainy weather, you can easily get lost in the forest passage. It is, therefore, necessary (as before any hike) to monitor the weather forecast.

Of course, on behalf of “Travelcase portal”, we wish you the best weather on your hiking day. On sunny days there is a high chance that the view from Kráľova Hoľa will not only take your breath away, but it will also steal a piece of your heart. Good luck.