High Tatras hiking trails for the youngest


Every year, thousands of tourists admire the beauty of the High Tatras. The breathtaking sceneries of the Tatra nature attract nature enthusiasts and families with children to find peace and shared memorable experiences here. It is the youngest visitors who can explore the corners of the Tatras on undemanding hiking trails with their parents. Which are they? You can find out below.

Hrebienok – the Zamkovskeho chata (chalet) 


The hiking trail leads along the red-marked trail along the approximately 20m high Obrovsky vodopad (Giant Waterfall). Along the marked trail you will find another natural gem – Vodopady Studeneho potoka (the Cold Creek Waterfalls). A simple climb to the Zamkovskeho chalet can be done together with children within an hour. In addition, you can stop by one of the other chalets – Bilikova or Rainerova and take away a nice memory in the form of tourist stamps.

Tip: You can get to Hrebienok comfortably by a cog railway from Stary Smokovec, which will make the trip even more enjoyable for your children. If you want to make the most of your visit to Stary Smokovec, we recommend booking a family room in one of the oldest Tatra hotels, the Grandhotel Stary Smokovec, which is increasingly sought after by families with children for its services towards families. 


Strbske pleso (tarn) – Jamske pleso (tarn) 

Head from Strbske pleso along the red trail to Jamske pleso. The trail suitable for families and undemanding tourists takes about an hour. Slightly rising terrain offers wonderful views of the surrounding Tatra nature.

Tip: The trail is also sought after by more experienced tourists whose final destination is Krivan (mountain).


Strbske pleso (tarn)  Vodopad Skok (waterfall)

Vodopad Skok is a popular walking trail in every season. The starting point is the trail junction of Razcestie pod Heliosom, from which the yellow-marked trail continues with serpentines directly to the waterfall. The waterfall is one of the most beautiful water treasures of the Tatras with a height of 25 m.

Tip: Pleso nad Skokom (Tarn above Skokis located above the waterfall in chain-secured terrain. It is accessible in the summer season.

Strbske pleso (tarn) – Popradske pleso (tarn) 

Pokiaľ zoznamujete ratolesti s turistikou, vyberte sa k Popradskému plesu. Ľahký výstup po upravenom chodníku je ako stvorený pre rodinné výlety, ako aj pre turistov, ktorí sa potrebujú „rozohriať“ pred sezónou. V cieli túry pri Popradskom plese je možné si odpočinúť na rozľahlom priestranstve alebo sa občerstviť v rovnomennej chate pri Popradskom plese či vo vedľajšej Majláthovej.

If you are introducing your kids to tourism, go to Popradske pleso (tarn). The easy ascent on the well-groomed trail is perfect for family trips as well as for tourists who need to warm up before the season. In the final destination of the Popradske pleso, you can relax in a large area or refresh yourself in a chalet of the same name at Popradske pleso or in the neighboring one – Majlathova chalet.

TIP: Walk a few meters from the tarn and see the memorial site of the Symbolic Cemetery – a memorial to people who have died in the Tatras.

Tatranske Matliare (village) – Tatranska Lomnica (town)


Trasa z Tatranských Matliarov do Tatranskej Lomnice je využívaná najmä cyklistami, pričom sa rovnako teší obľube peších turistov. Prechádzka prírodou vedie cez rozľahlú Medvediu lúku s ohniskom na opekanie a popri horárni. V jarných a jesenných mesiacoch je potrebné prechádzať okolím s ostražitosťou – aby ste predišli stretnutiu s medveďom.

The trail from Tatranské Matliare to Tatranska Lomnica is mainly used by cyclists while it is also enjoying the popularity of hikers. The nature walk leads through the vast Medvedia Luka (meadow) with a campfire ring and alongside the gamekeeper´s lodge. In the spring and autumn months it is necessary to walk carefully – to avoid coming across a bear.


TIP: When wandering through Tatranska Lomnica, stop by in the botanical garden – Exposition of the Tatra Nature. Tatranska Lomnica also takes pride in the unique Grandhotel Praha, one of the best historical spa hotels in Europe.


  • Strbskepleso (tarn) is the starting point of many tourist trails – to Jamske pleso (tarn)Vodopad Skok (waterfall), to Popradske pleso (tarn). 
  • Popradskepleso (tarn) is accessible from Strbske pleso (tarn) as well as from Popradske pleso bus stop by an asphalt road. 
  • Medvedialuka (meadow) between Tatranske Matliare and Tatranska Lomnica is ideal for a quiet walk. 
  • Do not miss the viewatVodopady Studeneho potoka (the Cold Creek Waterfalls) when climbing to the Zamkovskeho chalet.