The corners of Liptov and Low Tatras, which you have never heard of


Well-known Dumbier (mountain) or Castle in Liptovsky Hradok are not the only places that will enchant you wandering around Liptov-Tatra areaDozens of other natural gems are worth noticing which unfortunately are not written about. Therefore, we have selected five interesting sites which you can visit and be blown away by. 

Baywatch not only in America 

Did you know that you can find Baywatch in Liptov? Under an attractive name, evoking a rescuers in red swimsuits, is actually a water reservoir hidden. The water area between the villages Bobrovec and Jalovec was originally used for irrigation, today it is used for recreation. The reservoir is filled by the Jalovcianka mountain stream, thanks to which the water is always pleasant even in the hot summer. 

Tip: Swimming in the water is at your own risk. 

Arboretum in the middle of the city 

The green area in Liptovsky Hradok is surrounded by residential buildings, so it reminds of the park rather than a protected area. This Slovak arboretum is absolutely unique. In addition to being the oldest in Slovakia, it is also the highest situated in Central Europe.


Interesting fact: In the arboretum, endangered species of trees are growing, which are registered in the Red Books of several states. 


Masiansky bavlan (boulder) 

From Liptovsky Hradok it is just a short walk to Liptovska PorubkaNear the bank of the river Vah is a stunning natural monument Masoansky boulder. The surrounding area is home to many unique rock plants and protected plants.

Tip: One day is not enough to get to know the beauty of Liptov and the Low Tatras. Stay right in the mountains, from where you can conveniently plan all your trips. Take advantage of the services of the lovely family hotel Srdiecko pod Chopkom, which thanks to its convenient location is popular not only in the middle of the tourist season.


How to get to the lookout tower in Liptovsky Jan 

If you plan a trip to the Tatra mountains, pack your swimsuit and take a short break in Liptovsky Jan. At the end of the village you will find a thermal lake called Kada. A few minutes of undisturbed relaxation is enough to refresh your body and mind. If you have time left after the bath, use it to walk to the nearby lookout tower. 


Find the window to heaven

A captivating view as in a movie will come to you as you climb the low-Tatras massif called Ohniste. As the trail ranks among the more difficult due to its almost 900 m elevation, reserve a full day for it. The road to the top is lined with impressive rock formations, while the most interesting one, Okno, is a reward for the hard climb. With its height of 10 meters, it is undoubtedly the most unusual and largest rock window in Slovakia.

(Photo: Lucia Labušská)
Tip: There are four starting trails to the rock window: from Liptovsky Jan, Liptovsky HradokMaluzina and Demanovská Dolina.


  • In the thermal lakeKadain Liptovsky Jan you can swim for free all year round. 
  • Hradokarboretum is important from a dendrological point of view. Endangered tree species from all over the world grow in its area. 
  • The largest rock window can be found at the top ofOhniste. 

Title photo: Zuzana Minarovičová