Whisky vs. Whiskey: Enjoy this alcohol as an expert


We all mature with age and figure out which alcohol we like best. And not only people age but also alcohol. All the gentlemen of the world will certainly agree that nothing will replace the taste of well-aged whiskey … Or wait, whisky? Did you know that you can taste the first pure Slovak whisky made in Spiš, not far from the Tatras?

Whiskey or whisky – it is not just one letter difference

This alcohol made from cereal grain, whose history dates back to Scotland in the 12th century, has two valid names. Whisky (without “e”) you drink when you enjoy alcohol from Ireland or America. However, if you have poured yourself a “water of life” of Scottish, Japanese or Canadian origin, you drink whiskey. The difference is not only in one letter and the country of origin, but also in the fact that while Scotch whiskey is distilled only twice, Irish whisky three times. However, they both age for at least three years in oak barrels and must contain at least 40% of alcohol.

TIP: The most ideal barrel type for whisk(e)y aging is American white oak, which gives a sweet, slightly ‘toasted’ taste, but also European white oak, which enriches the whisk(e)y with a sweet-spicy tone.


Whisk(e)y not only for mood but also for health

Whisk(e)y has beneficial health effects, but, of course, only if you drink good quality that contains only malted barley (or other cereal malt), water, no E numbers, sugars, coloring or flavoring, and when you drink in moderation. If you meet these two criteria, you will protect yourself from infections, allergies, bad cholesterol, or even colds and sore throats, and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart attack.

How to enjoy this gentleman’s drink?

Probably the most common dilemma before drinking whisky is: “With or without ice?” First of all – let everyone drink whisky as they like, that’s the basis, but if you want to show off and take a slurp like a connoisseur, experts recommend it clean and without ice. The cold cube of ice is supposedly numbing the tongue and you will not be able to enjoy the full-bodied tastes and all the shades of this drink. So if you want to look like a professional – clean, no ice and with a drop of water, which (supposedly) intensely intensifies the taste of alcohol.


Quality Slovak whisky

Do you close your eyes and see the Scottish Highlands and the beautiful nature at the thought of whisky? Well, it doesn’t have to be about Scottish nature, it can be our Slovak – and not only nature, but also whisky. How is it possible? In 2008, the first Slovak whisky, which ages in oak barrels near the Tatras – in Spiš in the village of Hniezdne – saw the light of day, hitting one home run after another. Since 2013, it has even belonged in the club of recognized world brands of whisky. It also charmed the worldwide acclaimed critic and author of the Whisky Bible, Jim Murray.

(Foto: nestvillepark.sk)
Tip: Make your trip in the High Tatras better – if you are interested in the history and creation of not only the first Slovak whisky, you can take part in an adventure tour of the production associated with tastings and enriched by the exposition of Slovak folk crafts. From our highest mountains, the village Hniezdne is just a short walk away.