Roaming around golf courses in autumn


Autumn has started to paint breathtaking pictures everywhere. Golfers who love the season too know very well that courses are in top condition, nature is beautiful. A true balm for body and soul. Do you think that golf is not your thing? Maybe this is the best time for the first date.

Golf is a game that was invented by Scottish shepherds passing their time 500 years ago. Today it is an ideal relaxing activity for everybody who loves nature and wants to be active. That is why golf played in autumn can become highly addictive. All true-blue golfers know that because the courses are in top condition. Grass does not grow as fast as in spring so it is easy for the folks with mowers (greenkeepers) to keep ideal parameters. In addition, the soil moisture is optimal, which makes the carpet of grass dense and literally “juicy” – a real joy to set foot on. And as golf courses are not as crowded as in summer, golf resort clients can enjoy not only peace and quiet but also better prices than in high season – as for accommodation as well as green fees. There are also various autumn wellness packages offered. We have tested all that personally in two golf resorts located just a stone´s throw away from the western state border of Slovakia – in Kaskáda Brno and Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice.

“The golf season is far from over and in the present-day situation, golf is an ideal and mainly safe leisure time activity. Our hotels are tailored for it as well because they consist of bungalows, which means you can step outside right from your room and don´t have to enter any common areas,” explained Jan Kastner, the general manager of both golf resorts operated by the TMR company.

It is the character of golf as such, i.e. a game played in fresh air without large crowds of people, which helped golf courses to enjoy a nice summer and an increased interest of general public. They welcomed not only experienced players but also a lot of beginners who wanted to learn the first golf steps with professionals. If you have been wavering over golf so far, it might be worth to give it a try now.

“Autumn can be beautiful on golf greens – with colourful trees and other surroundings. Both our courses are embraced by mixed forests so sometimes you really don´t know where to look first,” added Jan Kastner.

Although it looks like golfers only walk around and follow their balls, actually it is a bit harder. Except mastering all golf clubs in your bag while playing 18 holes and hitting balls, you need to count with about 10-12 km on foot in autumn nature. Course facilities are very important in such conditions. Just imagine sitting on a restaurant terrace where the views are so stunning that you don´t feel like going inside. You muffle up in an offered blanket, meditate on the perfection of nature warmed up by autumn sun rays and wait for the waiter to bring you deliciously smelling pumpkin risotto with grilled chicken breast or special autumn ragout with braised beef neck and millet grain. Yes. Autumn with golf can be flawless. All the more reason not to miss it. So enjoy your game, dear friends.

Basic glossary for the first date with golf:

GREEN – a small area of special shorter grass where all golf balls are hit, culmination of a golf hole, considered the most important part of each golf course, also called putting green.

BAG – a bag with golf clubs that can be either carried on the shoulder or drawn/pushed by using a cart. It usually contains 14 clubs.

GREEN CARD – colloquially referred to as a golf driving licence, i.e. a certificate that proves you have completed a course and learned basic rules and etiquette of golf. Green cards are required to play on some courses.

HOLE – the part of the golf course that begins with a teeing ground where players start to hit their balls into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Every hole on a putting green is marked with a small flag.

FLIGHT – a group of players (2-4).

FORE! – used to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball.

HOLE IN ONE – the biggest goal of all golfers – sinking the ball into the cup with the first stroke from the tee.

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