An oasis of peace near the bustle of the city – head to the countryside

The word “countryside” reminds to the vast majority of us of a genuine Czech countryside, which has entered the mind, especially of the older generations, as a peaceful region of endless green meadows, on which Czech children were grazing geese. In the nearby surroundings we are already subconsciously expecting an abandoned mill, which is certainly haunted, and in the end, there must also be a pond with a water goblin. Classic Czech fairytales, legends and myths are probably responsible for many similar images, as well as the character of the country in which the Czech countryside is set. This enchanting place is full of castles, chateaus, manor houses and interesting natural sceneries that are worth exploring. However, the Czech countryside is no longer a place of fairytales and it can also attract a modern tourist for whom it offers escape to surprisingly quiet places. You definitely won’t be bored. In the article we bring you some tips for interesting places in Moravia that are worth visiting. And all that within a stone’s throw from the second largest city of our neighbors – Brno.

Moravsky kras (karst) – rocky valleys with underground palaces

About thirty minutes’ drive from Brno there is a truly exceptional natural attraction at your disposal. The most beautiful karst area in Moravia and its wide surroundings. Moravsky kras (karst) is a tangle of rock valleys with hundreds of underground palaces. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to leisure activities in bad weather as you can hide in five accessible caves.

Entrance to the cave – Kateřina cave

Babí lom lookout tower

If the weather is nice and you want to see from the bird’s eye view, you will be pleased by the many lookouts you will find in Moravia. Due to its appearance, one of them is different from the others. The shape of the tower resembles a lighthouse and the impression of the seaside atmosphere is completed by the surrounding pine trees growing from the rocky “cliffs”. In addition, the tower lies at the foot of an interesting rocky ridge, which is easily accessible from the nearby village of Lelekovice. Just follow the red marked trail. Climbing to the tower will not take you more than an hour, even at a walking pace.


Brnianska priehrada (dam)

In case you are willing to exchange active rest for good old idleness, you can use the possibility of steamboat cruising on the nearby Brno dam. You will board the steamboat in a port near a network of restaurants and parking lots. Your destination is the port below Veveří castle, which adorns the cliff above the bank of the dam. Another possibility of visiting the dam is a cruise with a turn in the village of Veverská Bítýška. The dam is also a recreational area with a number of grass beaches, and also offers space for various water sports. But the best way to enjoy this place is from the bicycle seat. A cycling route is framing most of the shore, the rest, unfortunately, runs parallel to the main road. Therefore, be careful.

Brnianska priehrada (dam) and Veveří castle

The route leads directly to the Veveří castle. If you are not interested in visiting the castle, just below it, turn right onto the bridge over the dam. The cycling route continues in parallel with the frequented hiking trail.

Other leisure activities

Czech countryside and Moravia in particular hide much more. This wavy landscape is literally full of an endless tangle of cycling and hiking trails. On the other hand, you can also enjoy yourself in various pubs, beer baths, wine cellars or spa centers. You can even make your visit to Moravia more enjoyable by playing golf. And not any golf. One of the most modern golf resorts in the Czech Republic – Golf Resort Brno – is located near Brno. In addition to comprehensive services related to golf, the hotel offers accommodation in the hotel Kaskáda, according to visitors, a pleasant hotel cleverly set in the surrounding countryside of South Moravia. One wouldn’t even know that such a place is located just a few minutes’ drive from the second largest city of the Czech Republic.


The hotel grounds offer extensive greens as well as a training tee designed to improve swing for active players as well as beginners. Beginning golf enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of coaches and golf equipment rental.


Tip: You can complete training programs called KGA (Kaskáda Golf Academy). KGA offers lessons for children from an early age, but also for adults or groups.


If golf is not exactly one of the activities on your sports wish list, you can pamper your body in the hotel’s spa and indulge your taste buds with private wine tastings. Specialties from the hotel restaurant are not an exception. After a good lunch, burn calories easily and comfortably on a bike, or even by riding horses on one of the many ranches near the hotel and resort.