9 tips how to cool off in four countries on hot summer days


There are several ways how to deal with boredom and high temperatures in summer. Here are 9 tips that have one thing in common – Gopass. This popular loyalty card could be your guide to unforgettable adventures with best deals included at renowned resorts in four countries. Is it hard to believe? Let’s find out.

Skiing on a glacier in the heat of summer is the right choice for everyone

Are you fed up with hot weather? Would you like to try something crazy but cool enough? How about skiing in swimwear? Why not if you dare! The only glacier in Carinthia, Austria – Mölltaler Gletscher invites you to do some turns on the snow while being spoiled with the sunshine of summer months.

The resort where you might be sharing a piste with top skiers from various national teams these days offers not only skiing adventures or a newly opened SNOW PARK but also breathtaking panoramas in all directions.

Imagine sitting on the terrace of the Eissee restaurant and being refreshed by a cool breeze and views of the peaks of the Austrian Alps covered with eternal snow.

Speed and splashing water on slides have a cooling effect

Salt, thermal or clear water, choose the type that suits you best and refresh yourself in the biggest water parks in the Liptov region. Apart from relaxing in pools, there are many other attractions in both water parks that can help you cool off. Tatralandia has an astonishing number of 28 water slides including mega towers like Delphin and 4family, which can be also found in Dubai or Tenerife.

It takes courage to slide down with a giant raft from the height of a 7-storey building. But surely the adrenaline rush will help you forget the heat. And in case it doesn´t, the speed definitely will. A 30-metre high slide tower of the Bešeňová water park with more than 1 kilometre of water slides in total, including the longest one in Slovakia, also promises a lot of adventure and fun.

In addition to 15 water slides, you can enjoy real waves in a giant pool in the Amusement tent of Bešeňová. Let the refreshing atmosphere of sea waves make you feel like relaxing in your favourite seaside resort.

To the summits of the High or Low Tatras

Hiking enthusiasts know that the mountains are the best place to cool off and get away from the soaring hot streets of our towns. Good idea? Let’s conquer Mt Chopok. Choose a cableway from Horehronie or Liptov and enjoy a cool breeze at the summit and delicious food in the Rotunda restaurant served with endless views in all directions.

Even the High Tatras can be seen on the horizon on a sunny day. And that is where you should head for next. If you want to honour the tradition and have a cup of delicious coffee on a mountain top, take an iconic cable car to Mt Lomnický štít and have a walk in the embrace of the Tatra summits. The altitude of 2,634 metres provides astonishing views of beautiful Tatra valleys and even neighbouring states in the distance.

Cooled by the mountain breeze rising from steep rocky cliffs while relaxing at the Café Dedo might make you want to return again the very moment you start to descend. Or maybe you will be tempted by the unique chance to spend a night in one of the two suites on top of Mt Lomnický štít.

Taking a bike ride is yet another way to refresh!

The Szczyrk mountain resort is located in Poland, just within a stone´s throw from Orava. Colloquially called Polish Aspen for what it has to offer in winter, the resort turns into a magnet for bikers in summer – thanks to newly built single tracks for experienced cyclists as well as those who are new to bike trails.

Beginners can join one-day courses under the guidance of experienced riders who will be happy to introduce them to the secrets of adrenaline biking.

13 kilometres of Trek Szczyrk Enduro Trails in total will pump up your adrenaline and cool off the heat. The choice is yours. A small hint: The Ski & Bike Gronie Hotel, which is only within a walking distance from a cableway, offers 1-day chairlift bike tickets included in room prices!

If you prefer less adrenaline, the Czech ski resort of Špindlerův Mlýn is an amazing place to enjoy relaxed bike adventures. Cyclists are welcome at all cableways in the resort and bikes can travel for free.

Easy trails surrounded by beautiful nature with breathtaking views run along the ridges of the Krkonoše Mts.  from the upper stations. Recreational cyclists as well as those daring to try cooling off on longer loops can choose from the many trails available.

We recommend CYCLOTOUR passes that can help you skip two most difficult parts of a 25-kilometre loop and take a cableway instead. We have thought of adrenaline lovers, too. They will find a paradise in the Špindlerův Mlýn Bike park!

Moravia can also provide refreshing adventures  

Imagine a wild ride along rapids ending with a fall into an abyss. Do you have enough courage for that? Or will you rather prefer a ride for two under the starry sky? Water slides of all kinds are waiting for you in the famous Aqualand Moravia. This summer the resort has become twice as big as before.

The new unique 242-metre-long family water slide called High Five is the top attraction currently. You will feel like on a roller-coaster while riding up and down five times. And it is so fast that you will instantly forget the heat of summer. And if you still want more, there are many swimming pools tailored for relaxing, doing sport and enjoying more fun.

Baba Yaga’s valley

Do you remember the story of Baba Yaga? While it was really hot in her fairytale copper cauldron, you will experience just the opposite in Legendia, the biggest amusement park in Chorzow, Poland!

A new attraction named after Baba Yaga is guaranteed to cool you off while rafting along rapids of a wild river in a copper cauldron. Explore the land of mythic ghosts hidden in Baba Yaga’s valley and discover the good and evil side of the famous witch along with her greatest secrets.